Boost your sales with a mobile app

The arrival of social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and foursquare; and smart phone technology increasing at an amazing rate; has ushered in a new era of advertising and marketing for businesses. As a business, you should already have a webpage and some of these social networks in place working to your advantage. The next step forward will be a “smart phone application” better know as an “app” for all businesses.

An app has many benefits over traditional marketing methods:

  • First an app is something that allows instant access to your business.
  • It can connect customers to your webpage, and integrate your blog and Twitter feed.
  • It gives customers access to your products, specials, menus, all at the touch of a button. Much easier than calling in, searching the phone book, or flipping through a coupon book.
  • Your brand or logo is always with that customer. They’ll show it to their friends, and when making a decision the fact that they can easily access your information give you an advantage over your competition.
  • Geo-location is also a huge benefit. At any time of the day, where ever they are at, they can use the app to find the nearest place to purchase your goods or services.
  • It’s a way of advertising or marketing that goes directly to a customer. There are no dollars wasted on mailings that just might get tossed in the trash, no money wasted on newsprint ads people might not see, and no money wasted on coupon books that people will just throw out.

Mobile app development is the next venue for marketing and advertising and it is growing exponentially every year.

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