Email Marketing

Whether it be marketing to potential or current customers, email marketing is a cost-effective way to increase revenue. We can segment your customer base and distribute a message to them that is relevant to their needs.

* Segmentation
Determine which message to send to customers based on individual factors
* Distribution
We will help you develop, design, and distribute a cost-effective email marketing campaign

Social Media Marketing for Politics

Communicate effectively with constituents

The 2008 presidential election cycle proved that the internet and social media can be used as a powerful tool in politics. These tools proved to be cheaper and quicker than the previously used voter lists, phone banks, and direct mail. Using multiple social networking applications will help political campaigns raise money, organize local grassroots supporters, organize get out the vote efforts, increase candidate name recognition and fight smear campaigns. After the campaign is over, the same tools will help supporters stay engaged with the successful candidate by allowing all the different groups to easily communicate with each other at relatively little cost.
How LangfordMedia can help:

Social Media – We will help you utilize social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogging. Social Media is an essential tool of the next generation of political supporters. A well developed social media campaign can present tech-savvy, intelligent face for your candidate.

Search Engine Optimization – LangfordMedia will get your website in the best shape to be visible on the search engines. Have your stance on the issues rank high in the search engine results when undecided voters are searching for opinions. Make sure that people find your site vs. what other people are saying about you.

Email Marketing – We will help you segment and distribute an email campaign to help gather potential supporters and discuss the issues.

“Thomas Jefferson used newspapers to win the presidency, F.D.R. used radio to change the way he governed, J.F.K. was the first president to understand television, and Howard Dean saw the value of the Web for raising money,” said Ranjit Mathoda, a lawyer and money manager who blogs at “But Senator Barack Obama understood that you could use the Web to lower the cost of building a political brand, create a sense of connection and engagement, and dispense with the command and control method of governing to allow people to self-organize to do the work.”